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Historic – in what way

It is so very important you understand the psychological warfare conducted in modern politics. Many things are said to try and manipulate you into something you may not otherwise agree with. Here is a recent example, quoting President Obama;

“And right now, we are at the point where we are going to do something historic this weekend. That’s what this health care vote is all about.”

Historic is a very ironic choice of words, it is been shown that people want to feel like they are making history.  President Obama’s campaign thrived on the popularity of seeing him as America’s first (historic) minority President.  Now he is doing all he can to cast the passing of his health care reform as historic.

The thing that is being misrepresented is the kind of history being made.  President Obama continued on about history,

“One thing when you’re in the White House, you’ve got a lot of history books around you. And so I’ve been reading up on the history here. Teddy Roosevelt, Republican, was the first to advocate that everybody get health care in this country.  Every decade since, we’ve had Presidents, Republicans and Democrats, from Harry Truman to Richard Nixon to JFK to Lyndon Johnson to — every single President has said we need to fix this system. It’s a debate that’s not only about the cost of health care, not just about what we’re doing about folks who aren’t getting a fair shake from their insurance companies. It’s a debate about the character of our country”

Do you see what he is saying here about the history of health care.  Every president since Teddy has wanted universal health care and now here we are about to actually enact this great idea of the last century.  He is building the case that tomorrows vote is historic only if it succeeds.

“When you hear people saying, well, why don’t we do this more incrementally, why don’t we do this a little more piecemeal, why don’t we just help the folks that are easiest to help — my answer is the time for reform is now. We have waited long enough. (Applause.) We have waited long enough.  And in just a few days, a century-long struggle will culminate in a historic vote.”

Could it have been said more clearly.  The underlying message again is clear.  History is on the side of reform, don’t stand in the way of progress.  He actually goes on to compare the health care vote to civil rights.  He than finishes with this line,

“Now, I don’t know how passing health care will play politically — but I know it’s right. (Applause.) Teddy Roosevelt knew it was right. Harry Truman knew that it was right. Ted Kennedy knew it was right. (Applause.) And if you believe that it’s right, then you’ve got to help us finish this fight”

Now with all that said tomorrows vote and America’s reaction to it will be historic but for a reason different than what the President has said.  It will be historic because it is a major choice being made by congress.  It is historic because passing Heath Care reform will change how the game is played, it will fundamentally change America.  Now president Obama knows this in his speech he said as much.  Reform means higher taxes, more government spending, it means the undercutting of private insurance, it means taking power from the states who no longer get to regulate insurance companies.

I think the argument can be made and needs to be made that ultimately it means the end of health insurance and the beginning to state medical welfare.  It ultimately means the nationalization of 16% of our economy.  Just look at what is being said,

SEN. TOM HARKIN, D-IOWA: “As I said before, this bill is not complete. I’ve used the analogy of a starter home in which we can add additions and enhancements as we go into the future. But like every right that we’ve ever passed the American people, we revisit it later on to enhance and build on those rights and we will do that here surely.”

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Now, you keep on repeating the notion that it’s one-sixth of the economy. Yes, it’s one-sixth of the economy, but we’re not transforming one-sixth of the economy all in one fell swoop.

This is why it is historic – make no mistake we can still win by fighting for our beliefs.  Call you congressman today and tell them to say no.  If he votes yes get him out of office, if this passes prepare to fight it on the state level, in the courts and in the next elections.


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